Week 81: Morephaweb and Forensic Architecture

28 Aug, 2022

It wasn’t until today Sunday that I found some time to work on side projects. Last week I added tracking to Morphaweb so I can see if people actually use the site to export reels - and it turns out people do! That gave me some motivation to work a bit more on morphaweb (yes the title pun was terrible).


One of the major challenges has been handling multiple files. After an hour or two trying to wrestle nested javascript promises, I also discovered the Crunker library which lets me concatenate audio files into a single audio file.

Next up I would like to automatically add a marker between each of the files uploaded for convenience. I should also start tagging my releases like the real software developers do.

Forensic Architecture

Last Sunday I went to Louisiana Art Museum, and saw their Forensic Architecture exhibit.

The fifth exhibition Louisiana’s series The Architect’s Studio presents Forensic Architecture, an interdisciplinary research agency, based at Goldsmiths, University of London. Working in the intersection of architecture, law, journalism, human rights and the environment, Forensic Architecture investigates conflicts and crimes around the world.

The exhibition itself was really interesting, but even more so was that they actually keep a GitHub repository of all the models and tools they’ve created.