Looking for Work

I can help you with two things

I’m currently looking for part-time or full-time work.

  • I help organisations and teams figure out what to build
  • I help teams build things and invent new tools and ways of doing

I believe the two are deeply connected. Happy to talk.

What I’m looking for

I would like to try consulting or freelancing. Ideally my next affiliation is:

  • Duration between 3-12 months (open to longer-term)
  • Part of a focused team and organisation
  • Working on something thought to be impossible with no apparent solution space

I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but happy to travel or do short-term relocation, and experienced in working remotely and across countries and cultures.


My interests are wide and vary over the years. Things I am interested in and currently exploring:

Previous experience

In Bang & Olufsen, I led the design and definition of a future generation of audiovisual products that rethinks the product category, and built the team necessary to get it done. I built new tools for exploring multi-modal experiences and sketching with technology across design and engineering.

In The LEGO Group, I helped build a team that redeveloped the firmware architecture and operations for educational robotics products to dramatically improve experience and performance metrics. I designed the technology concept to bring LEGO Mario into production.

I led the transition to using Scratch as the visual programming language and Python as the text-based programming language, which brought me to MIT Media Lab in Boston where I worked with the Scratch Team to expand the partnership. I designed the technology concept and user interface for LEGO Education SPIKE Prime.