Week 80: Blender and a bit of reading

21 Aug, 2022

Another light week of side project work, but I did manage to finish the Blender x Three.js tutorials and there by also the last bit of Three.js Journey. It’s been a great course, and the best money I’ve ever spent on e-learning. Bruno is a great teacher, and he’s even added lessons since I bought the course, so maybe I’ll even get more for my money’s worth.

Blender x Three.js

Since a couple of weeks ago I finished the UV unwrapping of the model, so the last part of the lesson was how to do model optimizations and exporting everything correctly from Blender.

Render of final blender model in three.js

Render of final blender model in three.js

Quite a lot of things to keep track of - somehow both easier and more difficult than I had imagined. Final result looks great though, and I’m excited and terrified to get started on my portfolio and working on the LEGO elements.

Moving around the scene

Moving around the scene


Hacking around with the ScotRail audio announcements β€” Simon Willison found all the sound files of a Scottish train operator and wrote this great blog post on how he scraped it and built fun prototypes with it.

Physically Based is a database of physically based values for CG artists.

CSS Grid and Custom Shapes pt 1 β€” I keep being surprised how much is possible to do in pure CSS

Color and Contrast β€” A comprehensive guide for exploring and learning about the theory, science, and perception of color and contrast.