Week 1

17 Feb, 2021

Hi, welcome, you made it. And since that’s the case, so did I! I’m Kevin, and I work as an Interaction Designer at LEGO.

This isn’t my portfolio. This is where I display and blog about my side projects. Since leaving the Scratch Team and the Media Lab last summer to go back to Denmark, I miss being part of a community that’s interested in the intersection between art, design, and technology. And living in COVID-19 lockdown for months, I am feeling even more alienated but also exhausted. Since my day job is mainly working on confidential future products, I can only share it with a small circle of people. Working remotely, that circle is even smaller.

This site is an attempt to increase the size of my circle by making it revolve around a thing - either physical, digital or both.


Since my side projects, like my day job, are often a mix of physical and digital components, and often require me to learn a new skill, they take longer to develop.

The primary inspiration for making this site was Matt Biddulph who I met at a conference last year. He runs the hackdiary, but also launched an instagram profile for his side projects. It got me thinking, that a space dedicated to side projects might be what I need.

Inspired by Tom Armitage, I’m planning to use codenames for some projects. Partly, to be able to talk about them while keeping them private until they’re ready to show, but also perhaps to talk about them before I understand what they are.