Week 74: Visual experiments

10 Jul, 2022

Music and visual experiments

I’ve been playing the piano since I was a kid, in my teenage years I dabbled in computer music and synthesis, and a couple of years ago I got into modular synthesis. Since I moved back to Denmark and got a piano again, I’ve been curious how to marry the analog and digital music… and how to marry that with my new curiousity with three.js and shader programming.


slightly chaotic setup of laptop, eurorack and mic'ed up piano

These are a couple of experiments where I have recorded the piano, fed it into the eurorack modular synth, and processed it in tone.js using a simple FFT and written a graphical representation in three.js.


Waves001 uses the amplitude of all the frequency bins of the FFT as points for a smooth spline curve. The curve is then placed on the scene, and pushes any previous curves further away. source


Experiment with FFT represented as lines


Waves002 uses the amplitude of all the frequency bins of the FFT as points on a circular curve. source


FFT represented as points in a circle

At the time of writing, and maybe even still while reading, the code is poor quality.

New blog infrastructure

I also spent the week migrating this blog to a new design and infrastructure. I used to use Gatsby, but it had too much plumbing and code. I wanted something simpler and ended up settling on hugo. Not intuitive, but it’s simpler and I like it so far. Might migrate more of my static sites to it in the future.