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Week 10

Light week this week. Spent most of my side project time continuing my Experimental JavaScript course.

I completed a lesson using PIXI.js to play with WebGL. See demo of lesson over at

I also completed a lesson using matter.js to play with physics. See demo of lesson over at

As usual, I also wrote weekly tweets for @SunOfDenmark. I realized that this is the second to last week before going over to standard time, which ends the stream of tweets. It has been a fun experience writing daily tweets and trying to find creative and appealing twists on the emergence of daylight, but to be honest also has become a bit trivial here at the end.

I had hoped to work on Project Caramel this week, but only did a light bit of reading. I happened to stumble upon a thread mentioning that MicroPython's built-in ADC only reads in the 0.1MHz range, which might be one of the reasons why I'm not seeing enough data. I need much faster data than that, so I will investigate whether I can build my own MicroPython module in C to gain the required speed. Otherwise, I'll have to move into building my own C application.